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Mental Health Canada/Santé Mentale Canada Inc. (MHC) is a national internet resource for mental health information and research adhering to the highest standards. MHC welcomes contributions with relevance to mental health information and research for the general public and for mental health professionals from all parts of Canada and the world.

All papers are reviewed to determine the originality, validity, and importance of content and conclusions.

We strongly encourage electronic submissions to MHC at e-mail address:

Only authors of accepted manuscripts will be notified. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that the editorial staff has the right to request revisions aimed at greater clarity and conformity to editorial policy. Authors receive no financial remuneration for their contribution.

Cover Letter

Authors must indicate that the manuscript represents their original material and has been approved by each author for representation on mentalhealthcanada.com.

Authors must affirm that they have not entered into an agreement with a funding organization that limits their ability to appear on mentalhealthcanada.com.

Authors must also state that they have full control of all primary data to appear on mentalhealthcanada.com.

Authors must indicate whether the public may reproduce without permission information from the MHC website for personal use.

Author must indicate any restrictions on the reproduction of a document.

Title Page

  • Title should be brief and informative
  • Author’s full names are preferred

  • Provide professional, academic affiliations of each author

  • If the paper has been presented at a meeting, please give the name of the meeting, the place and the date

  • Include full address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail address of the corresponding authors

  • Include a word count for the text and abstract.

    Submitting Research Papers, Articles and Review Papers

    Research Papers

    Abstract, Key Words, and Clinical Implications and Limitations
    Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words. Include 5-10 key words or short phrases.

  • Objective (the primary purpose of study)
  • Method (basic procedures)

  • Results (key findings)

  • Conclusions (principal conclusions)

    Tables and Figures

    Tables and figures should supplement text not duplicate it and should be understandable without reference to the text. Full pages of tables and figures will not be used as this information should be communicated in the text.

    Articles and Brief Communications

    All articles are reviewed to determine the originality, validity, and importance of content and conclusions.


  • Number References and list them in order of appearance in the text. Follow the citation in the text with the appropriate reference number in parenthesis.
  • Use exact spelling, accents, and punctuation of the original reference.

    Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

    Material for review must be written in acceptable, scholarly English or French which contains no errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The editorial staff is not responsible for correcting errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation.
    Please check the accuracy of all arithmetic calculations, statistics, numerical data, text citations, and references.
    Consistency is required in the use of abbreviations, terminology, and in citing references.

    *****Note to Authors: please make sure your contact information is clearly visible.

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